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Metal Bears and Cubs

Because we don't ALL listen dance music...

\m/ Metal Bears and Cubs \m/
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1) To join, you must meet the following criteria;
_____¤ You are either a cub, bear, otter, wolf, polar bear, chub, chaser, admirer, or any other label you prefer, of the gay persuasion.
_____¤ You like metal/hardcore music.
_____¤ You must have posts in your personal journal.

2) When posting;
_____¤ Make it metal.
_____¤ Please post content relevant to this group. Moderators reserve the right to delete posts deemed off topic.

3) Any harassment, bullying, or derogatory comments or posts will be deleted immediately and you will be banned.
Don't knock on anyone's taste in music.

How To Join
1) Please review the first rule before joining.
2) Click the following link to join MetalBears.
3) Once you have been approved you are now ready to post.
4) To simply Watch This Community, or to have it show up on your friends page, please click here.

How To Post
1) To post in MetalBears update your journal as you normally would, but be sure to Post To: MetalBears before updating.
2) Here are some ideas to post about;
_____¤ Give an introduction post.
_____¤ Tell everyone a little about yourself, what's your favcorite band, et cetra.
_____¤ Feel free to post links to new bands or videos from YouTube.

Your moderators...