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I thought the word w****r went out in the late 90's like Eminem? I found it amusing that the blogger for Metal Inquisition used it to describe this latest video from Winds of plague.

"As you can see from the video, they somehow manage to combine elements of tough guy hardcore, goth, cheesy commercial black metal, deathcore, and wiggerish arm movements. Look, I get it. I love Bleeding Through and wigger slam as much as the next guy. I've been on 18 Visions and Suffocation's dick since forever. But some things just aren't meant to be combined! Nobody is asking for a beef jerky-flavored energy drink, and nobody asked for wigger black metalcore!"

Tags: metal, music
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I use the word wanker all the time.
The word is actually wigger. I've never used it but it can be perceived as offensive to some folks which is why I edited my entry.

Oh and being a wanker is one of my favorite hobbies...hehe.