shaun (sludge_feast) wrote in metalbears,


so i saw deicide tonight in detroit, along with 5,000 other fucking bands that sounded like total shit (and that includes vital remains, who were fucking terrible and are one of the most boring death metal bands i've ever heard). i sat around for 6 hours waiting for them to play and then they played for 40 minutes and only played 4 songs that weren't straight from their shitty late '90s period. waaa waaaaa. glen benton is a cheeseball, too (surprise, surprise)---between songs, he told the crowd that "there were a lot of evil little bastards out in the  crowd tonight, which is great cuz i'm an evil little bastard, too". i wonder what it's like to have been in a (somewhat) influential death metal band for 21 years only to end up playing to a bunch of nu metal looking noobs in eastside detroit. i also wonder what it's like to be in your early 40s and still insist on writing every goddamn song you write about how much you hate jesus. grow the fuck up. "holy deception" was the pinnacle of the night, though.
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